Thursday, May 28, 2009

If Anyone Else Can Do This, I Will Give You 5 Dollars

Ok, I stumbled upon this video on the blogs of one of my favorite composers, Eric Whitacre...and I had to share it with everyone.

I don't know what training this guy does to be able to do the things he does in this video, but it's nothing short of amazing...check it out! This should be the next Olympic sport!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Contest #1...(Global Warming Sucks!)

Ok, so since summer has officially started (except for all of the rain that has been happening everywhere), that means there will be a plethora of summer camps going on for children of all ages...and that brings us to the first Alvarado Band contest on our blog!

You're probably thinking, "Kyle, what does the Alvarado Band have to do with any summer camps going on?" Well, we have nothing to do with them, but I was approached by someone who is working for the N.C. State Junior High Engineering Camp over in New Bern to answer a specific question that the entire summer camp has to rely on for the kids to go (Lady) Ga-Ga over...and here is where YOU come into the picture as well.

I want the fans of the Alvarado Band to do one thing and that is try to come up with an over all theme for this camp. The theme has to do with energy somehow. Yes, I know what you're thinking, and the theme of "Global Warming Sucks" is already out of the question, because that is the first thing I thought of and it got shot down on the spot...I was pretty depressed for a total of 3 seconds. The winner of this contest will get two free tickets to an Alvarado Band show of their choice!

Also, in addition to the theme contest, if you can come up with a cheer or a song about energy use for the kids to sing or chant at the camp, then you will also be in the running for free entry into the next Alvarado show of your choice. Simple enough? I think so!

So here's the contest recap/areas of competition:

1.) Create an overall theme for the camp that has to deal with energy
2.) Create a song about energy
3.)Create a cheer about energy

Send your entries to with the subject heading "Energy Contest...Global Warming Sucks!"

All these little intellectual middle school kids are counting on you to make their summer the best ever and if you don't follow through, then they'll probably cry about it for a good while...well, maybe not that much, but you would be helping out and contributing to the molding of young minds that will probably be leading the country one day since they are actually gonna spend part of their summer at an engineering camp instead of doing something active!

Be on the look out for more contests coming up within the next week or so and stay dry!


P.S. Here's a live performance of "Not The Usual Type" from the Pour House show in Raleigh on May 8th...enjoy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First One...Here It Goes!

Welcome to the Michael Alvarado and the Band's blog!

This is the place to continuously keep up with what is going on with the band and all of its members. We will keep updating this thing every day or so with thoughts going on in our world whether it would be music, life, food, TV, sports, or any other thing you could think of. Stay tuned and be sure to checkout for all of the upcoming shows!

More to come...